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The majority of Joe’s cases involve medical malpractice. A medical provider, whether doctor, nurse, pharmacist or other, must exercise reasonable care under the circumstances. Of course, what is reasonable is almost always a medical question requiring medical expert testimony.

If a medical provider fails to exercise reasonable care, that failure must be a substantial factor in causing the injury or death. Of course, what causes an injury or death is almost always a medical question requiring medical expert testimony.

Through the years Joe has worked with literally hundreds of medical experts, many of them at leading medical centers such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, UCLA, Chicago, Cincinnati, Johns Hopkins, Mayo, and numerous state universities. These contacts are invaluable for getting the best experts, a vital requirement for success in these cases.

Joe will investigate your case with reference to medical records, medical research and use of the best medical experts. He will advise you whether you have a cause of action and, if so, represent you or your family in pursuing your cause of action in Court.

Fees are contingent, so Joe must win your case by Settlement or Verdict in order to obtain a fee. Joe will pay all expenses, to be reimbursed to him only out of Settlement or Verdict.

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